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February 20, 2009


Heather Roberts

Thanks again for the lecture yesterday Nathan, it was great to hear your thoughts on Online and Digital PR, and I've taken your advice on board and started Twittering and Blogging aready.
I'll look forward to reading your student guide to getting a job in PR.


Nathan - thanks again for coming in and speaking to us yesterday. Along with social media being an area of PR that I am really interested and immersed in, it was helpful to understand the implications of social media as a tool for building our personal digital space.

In PR, because students are so often taught to remember that we are in the business of maintaining our client's reputation, we sometimes forget the importance of forging our own personal reputation outside of the company, especially in a 2.0 world, utilizing all the available platforms. Your discussion gave our class some tangible stepping stones that will assist us in creating our digital profile and I know we all really appreciate it, so thank you.

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