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March 03, 2009


Jane Smith

Thanks for the comment Nick.
In our experience, people who've studied languages tend to be (i) keen on words and good at grammar - which includes good at English grammar, which is often sorely missing in candidates' skill sets; (ii) naturally inquisitive people - which is an asset in PR as you have to get quickly interested in and au fait with so many disparate things; and (iii) seasoned travellers, which makes them likely to be culturally aware and open-minded.

I do also think there's something about people with languages being good listeners, which is also important. In PR writing, whether it's feature articles or case studies, you often have to capture the client's voice, and well-written pieces can really reflect the rhythm properly as well as the content and the vocabulary.

I like that Stephen Covey quote as well!

Nick Robinson

Very interesting point - why do you think it is then, that people with language capabilities are good communicators?

Knowing Jane and Nathan I suspect that they are recruting people in their own image - that is, people with great listening and perception skills.

And isn't there a Stephen Covey quote about good communication:
"Seek first to understand ...then be understood"?

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